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Faith makes sense when it relates to the lives we live, in the culture that we're immersed in.


Hey, I'm Ralph Mayhew, welcome to my blog.

I love Jesus, I love Lyndal and I love the Church.

I've always wanted to engage in a conversation that enables faith and culture to interact in a manner that produces restoration for people..

In a way this blog is an experiment for me. I find that I grow most when I reflect on where I'm at and what I'm learning. I find that I reflect best when I write it down. Then the thought occurred to me that there might be others who may benifit in some small way from my ponderings.

If that is you, then thanks.

A little of my background:

I used to be a youth pastor at Melton Unitnig Church. I was then ordained as a Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church. My first placement was in seymour, where I stayed for five years, and worked alongside and ministered to some most excellent people. Now I am the Youth and Young Adults Minister at Newlife Uniting Church in Robina on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Friends, Fishing, Reading, Soccer, Guitar, Peeps and Crazie, my turtles! And of course making Church relevant to people, especially young adults. Everything interests me to some degree - 'it's my job to know a little bit about everyhting!' - Gill Grisham, CSI